Review: Porlex JP 30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Review: Porlex JP 30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex jp 30 stainless steel manual coffee grinder

Before going to describe Porlex Jp30 Manual Coffee Grinder Review, I want to share my recent experience with you. Have you ever found yourself stranded in a hotel room and wished you had a nice cup of your favorite ground coffee but found you had beans and no way to grind them? I recently got snowed in while on a business trip and found myself in just such a situation.

With time on my hands, I started looking and found the perfect solution – at least for the next time I get stuck. I found the Porlex JP 30 manual coffee grinder and now make sure it is one of the first things I pack when I set out to travel.


Things to consider before buying a manual coffee grinder

The Porlex JP 30 manual grinder is perfect for those who:

  • Like something handy to grind their own coffee beans
  • Only grind small amounts at a time
  • Don’t want to invest in a full-sized electric model
  • Travel often and like to have their own coffee handy

This Porlex JP30 manual coffee grinder is not suited for people who regularly need large amounts of grounded coffee or those who have hands that can’t stand the manual work. Those with arthritis or carpal tunnel could find using a coffee hand grinder painful.

The manual operation can be difficult for those who have trouble gripping a handle or performing continuous motion for several minutes at a time.

About the Porlex

The Porlex JP30 Manual Coffee Grinder was created for people who like the convenience of a fresh roasted cup of coffee even when they can’t be home.

This manual coffee grinder is ideal to pack in your suitcase for a trip or to take along with you on a camping trip to the deep forest. At only 11.4 ounces, it is lightweight and can even be tossed into a purse if necessary.

This hand grinder offers a total of 12 different grinds, which is plenty for most people. Made from stainless steel, this grinder is made for travel.

It can withstand the bumps and drops that are inevitable when you subject something to travel. Overall, the quality of the Porlex JP 30 manual coffee grinder is equal to higher priced grinders. The tight-fitting cap also allows for the safe storage of grounds for two cups of coffee.

Features & Benefits

Twelve grind settings

It allows users to have their beans ground exactly as they prefer, from very coarse to almost a powder.

Low mess

The cover can be used to pour beans into the unit. Once the beans are ground, they fall into the cup and are easily removed without spilling. Leaving the cap on while transporting allows a clean transport that keeps grounds fresh and ready to brew.


It’s small enough to pack in a suitcase or backpack. You can take it to the office or on vacation. The sturdy construction helps keep the grinder from breaking during life’s bumpy roads.

Easy Maintenance

The inner workings of Porlex JP30 Manual Coffee Grinder are ceramic. It means you can rinse them off with water and not worry about rust. Cleanup consists of simply wiping the outside with a soft cloth or rinsing with water and drying.


Price of this grinder is less than sixty dollars, which is very economical compared to other units that offer the same number of grind settings. For those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a grinder, this unit will fit almost any budget.

Pros & Cons

Here is some pros & cons of Porlex JP30 Manual Coffee Grinder


  • It has 12 grinds to choose from
  • Is portable for travel
  • Is quiet to operate
  • Helps avoid messes
  • Extremely affordable


  • Only grinds two cups worth of beans at a time
  • Can be difficult for some users to operate
  • Requires longer time to grind than automatic grinders

FAQ: Frequently asked questions


How much time does it take to grind the coffee?

It takes approximately twelve minutes to grind one cup of grounds. If you only want enough for two brewed cups, it will take about ninety seconds to grind.


How do you change the fineness of the grind?

Grind setting is accomplished via a white nut located under the main canister.


Where can I find English instructions?

You can find English instructions here & the operation, however, is easy to figure out so the Japanese instructions won’t be a problem.


How big is the Porlex hand grinder?

The overall size is 47 mm diameter and 178 mm tall.


How sturdy is this grinder?

A stainless steel exterior and ceramic blades make this grinder able to withstand many drops and bumps.

Social proof

You can also read Amazon customer’s review. It can help you to get more information about Porlex JP 30 Manual Coffee Grinder.

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Don’t allow yourself to get caught without your favorite coffee. You don’t have to invest in a counter coffee grinder in order to enjoy fresh-ground coffee even in the most remote location. The Porlex JP30  Manual Coffee Grinder is durable, inexpensive and sure to help you begin your day with a cup of deliciousness. So why not?

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