Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

A great cup of coffee must start with two things, the right bean and a perfect grind. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro can’t help you choose the bean that offers you the taste you want, but it can help you achieve the grind that will turn your good cup of coffee into perfection in a cup.

In this review, you will discover the features of this grinder, find out how it compares to several alternatives and hear the viewpoints of those who have used the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. By the end, you will know if this is the grinder for you.

3 Things to consider before buying

There are many things to consider when purchasing a coffee grinder but some are more important than others. When considering which grinder is best for your particular needs, the three most important things to consider are:


You have a budget and purchasing a grinder that doesn’t fit into your budget defeats the purpose. After all, what good is a coffee grinder if you can’t afford the beans to grind? The best grinders aren’t necessarily the most expensive, but the least expensive ones may not have the features you most need. First, you need to determine whether you want an electric coffee grinder or a manual coffee grinder, or if that isn’t important to you. Knowing this will give you a good place to start your research.


You need to find out what features you need in a coffee grinder and then look to make sure you purchase a grinder that has those features. At the same time, if there are features you would never use, there is no sense spending money for those features. What features do need?


Check into things like warranties but also look at what previous customers discuss regarding how long their purchase worked and whether or not they had problems.

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review

If you have been grinding your own coffee for a long time, you may be skeptical about the Breville Smart Grinder mainly because it is common for products that are fairly newcomers to the market to need a period to see if they can stick around for the long run.

This is actually the third grinder in this series and it is starting to demonstrate longevity. Another factor that may have you on guard is looking at the Breville Smart Grinder Pro setting list. It may seem too good to be true, and that always makes people think twice. In this case, the settings list is truly incredible.

Pros & Cons

As with all products, there are both positive and negative elements involved. With the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, we have found the following:


  • 600 grind settings, making sure there is a setting for most individuals
  • The price is within most budgets.
  • There are many features, some not found elsewhere


  • The large grind needed for French Press is not possible
  • The lowest grind setting sometimes jams and wears down

The Ultimate Grind Settings

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro officially offers sixty grind settings, divided into four different categories. These are press, percolator, drip, and espresso. This large number of settings is enough for almost any possible wish, but when you take out the bottom burr, you find a secret treasure – a button that allows you to fine-tune each of the main sixty grind settings ten more ways.

This ends up giving you the ability to use one of 600 different grind settings. Pick your general area among the four types, then pick your ideal setting within that category. Finally, playing with the additional settings will allow you to fine-tune that grind setting.

Smart Features Make Grind convenient

Imagine someone being able to read your mind and then design the perfect coffee grind for your taste. The designers of the Breville Smart Grinder Pro have tried to do just that. They first made sure their grind settings were extensive and then they stopped and asked how they could further improve the grinder to make things even easier for users. The makers came up with some incredible ideas.


This grinder comes with a traditional grind holder for the times you only want to grind a small amount. For making espresso, you can get help with two filters that hold the grinds. One of these is the traditional 58 mm and the other is smaller, for 50 to 54 mm. These holders are attached to the grinder with magnets. This makes changing the filters quick and easy, and something you can do one-handed if necessary.

Hot Buttons

Sometimes you don’t have the time to fiddle with timers. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has two buttons that can help save you time. The Start/Paus button is meant to be operated with a simple pressure touch of the grounds container. Behind the grounds container is also a quick grind button that is activated as soon as the container is put into place. This allows for you to get a quick grind without having to fiddle with settings.


The hopper design offers several benefits. First, it has a full one pound capacity, which is the largest on the market. Next, it conceals the extra setting buttons that increase your grind options tenfold. Finally, the hopper is designed so you can remove the whole unit completely, making it easier to clean and to change beans.

Cheap Price

You could easily spend several hundred dollars for a grinder with this many grind settings and features. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro, however, is surprisingly inexpensive for all that it does. You won’t find another grinder of this quality and ability anywhere near the price of this one.

Pro Tips

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This grinder may not be for everyone. Some people may have specialized needs they want from a grinder. Others may be happy with one that is smaller or doesn’t have as many settings that will never be used. Here are some of our alternative choices:

The Baratza Virtuoso

For those seeking a smaller grinder, this may be your best bet. It holds eight ounces of beans in its non-removable hopper. The number of grind settings is only forty, which is still quite a few considering what is presently on the market. This grinder is made with the same quality craftsmanship at a somewhat lower price.

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The Baratza Vario

You’ll be spending almost twice as much for this grinder than the Pro and the number of grind settings is lower. You get 230 with this one. This grinder, however, offers two dosing modes. The first is based on time and the second is based on volume.

This allows you to work with whichever proves to be more accurate for you. The burrs on this grinder are also ceramic. This means your beans aren’t subject to burning as with metal burrs.

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The Rancilio Rocky

This grinder has the advantage of having proven its worth over the long haul. The number of grind settings is only 55 and the overall size of the grinder is larger than the Pro.

This grinder also has metal burrs but has a security system in place that keeps the burrs from becoming hot enough to burn the beans. This will cost you a bit more than the Pro but isn’t as expensive as others.

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Final Verdict

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has what it takes to become the grinder of choice over time. It makes grinding your coffee easy and it allows for the differences in taste, giving you more grind choices than you can imagine. Easy to use and a reasonable price makes this one grinder worth considering.

Best of luck!

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