Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by!  Take my warmest welcome for visiting. I am James William, the guy behind the coffeecof. I love to consider myself a long-term coffee addict. Without my daily dose of fresh java, I just can’t function.

I am passionate about coffee. I am working in a bank and in my free time I am working with this website. I created this website to share my little experiences and my love for coffee.

Coffee is a very common and popular drink, however sometimes we are become confused what equipment we will use for making a cup of coffee. I faced this problem previously in my life. From that experience I wanted to share my little bit of knowledge with you. After a lots of ineffective planning finally I am able to manage my time to do that. So this is it!

In this website you will find different types of tips & tricks, recipes and product reviews that I used.  

So start reading this website if you will not want to be confused anymore. If you have any kind of quire feel free to contact with me. Again thank you.